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Keep The Kiln Rotating


Published by World Cement Magazine February 2017 issue. Zeki Ozek from Ozek Makina Rotary Kiln Services, Turkey, offers some insight into maintaining rotary kilns in a cement plant. A rotating kiln in a cement plant is the same as a beating heart in our body. That is why we all work hard to keep [...]

Keep The Kiln Rotating2017-02-21T16:02:33+03:00

Rotary kiln tyre / supporter rollers problems and sollution methods.


The first rule of operating a rotary kiln without any problem is distributing the forces equally to each piers. This can be done best, by full contact on ring and supporter roller surfaces and minimum ovality in kiln shell. As known; rotary kilns work in %3 – 4 slope depended on design, model and [...]

Rotary kiln tyre / supporter rollers problems and sollution methods.2016-12-18T05:44:13+03:00

Promoted Our Services in Marrakesh


We have attended AUCBM Marrakesh cement exhibition and conference to meet the technical managers of the cement plants located in the area and discuss our services. We also presented our service approach by "Keep The Kiln Rotating" name in conference section.

Promoted Our Services in Marrakesh2016-12-18T05:44:12+03:00

Jordan Cement Exhibition and Conference


We had promoted our services and met with our clients from the area in AUCBM Jordan - Dead Sea cement exhibition and conference.

Jordan Cement Exhibition and Conference2017-02-21T15:46:53+03:00

17th Arab International Cement Conference and Exhibition


Ozek Makina, met its Middle East customers at 17th Arab International Cement Conference and Exhibition in Dubai WTC. It was a great opportunity to present our in situ rotary kiln services during the exhition and had the chance to present our paper addressing basic rotary kiln problems and solution methods.

17th Arab International Cement Conference and Exhibition2016-12-18T05:44:13+03:00

Ozek Makina at World Cement Magazine


Ozek Makina had an agreement with World Cement Magazine to promote its services and to publish related technical articles till the end of 2014.

Ozek Makina at World Cement Magazine2015-05-16T02:13:33+03:00

Great Honor for Ozek Makina


Ozek Makina R&D team has been qualified for Red Dot Design Award 2012 for their epochal toothbrush, 3Deeth. 3Deeth is a miniature portable toothbrush that will keep your mouth fresh no matter where you are. While many of us would like to brush our teeth after a meal at a restaurant, carrying around a traditional toothbrush and [...]

Great Honor for Ozek Makina2016-12-18T05:44:13+03:00

Ozek Makina R&D Team has been qualified for Red Dot Design Award final.


Ozek Makina research and development team works on several projects rather than rotary kiln engineering area. iCam and selfWelder concepts are two leading projects that we continue to study on in Istanbul. iCam concept targets to merge a professional DSLR camera with a mobile phone by using the mobile phone's processor, store and 3G/4G connectivity with DSLR's quality image possibilities. [...]

Ozek Makina R&D Team has been qualified for Red Dot Design Award final.2016-12-18T05:44:13+03:00