Cold & Hot Kiln Alignment

We measure the actual kiln axis, slope of kiln and individual elements, shell deformation, ovality, tyre and roller diameters and roller skew precisely with latest technology, analyse all the data by the help of specific software and present in a detailed, clear and understandable report.

The easiest way of extending the kiln’s efficiency and life is to understand the current conditions.

Analyse All Details

Inspecting a rotary kiln requires more knowledge and experience than standart survey services. We can determine and fix the problems by surveying the kiln with latest technology precise equipments, professional data analysis and our experience about kiln behaviours. Please study our sample report for more information.

Kiln Axis

We achieve the actual kiln axis generated by the roller and shell positions, gain the slope of kiln and individual components such as rollers, tyres, pinion and girth gear. Analyse the deviations and find out the necessary action to perfectly align the kiln back. These precise surveys are analysed with 50 years of experience combined with high engineering skills.

Shell Inspection

We scan the shell section by section to gain the deformation data of its plastic (such as collapses, cranks and eccentricity) and elastic (such as ovality) behaviours. We aim to extend the shell and brick life by complex analysis of shell, shell/tyre relations and kiln axis while proving the load distribution and pinion/girth gear relations.

Tyre & Roller Inspection

The axial migration of a rotary kiln is mostly related to its tyre/roller relations. Detailed analysis of informations such as the surface conditions and wear level of both tyres and rollers, bearings, lubrication efficiency, operating angels give us a high resolution photo of the current condition which helps us to suggest more realistic alignment actions.

Clean Report

After collecting the kiln data, we prepare and share our raw report while we are on site. We schedule a meeting with all relevant engineers to present our findings in a clean and understandable report supported with high quality graphics, charts, photos, videos and animations. It is the best time to discuss in depth about ongoing problems, our solutions and share some influential kiln maintenance knowledge.

Roller Skewing

After presenting our report and agreeing in solutions, we provide supervision services for alignment including roller skewing and bearing replacement if requested. We can extend our supervision services for shell, tyre, chairpad and girth gear reversal or replacement as a third party inspector with survey services or direct supervisor as a sub-contractor depending on the request.

Periodical Services

We believe that the best solution is to determine the problem before it stops you. We provide periodical site visits and kiln services including basic inspection for tyres, rollers, bearings, thrust roller, shell and seals, basic surveys and alignment supervision every 3-6-12 months depending on your request. Please contact us for more information about our periodical services that fits you best.   >>>


Detailed, Clean and Understandable Report

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