Roller and Bearing Replacement Services

Your rotary kiln’s rollers may damage due to misalignment, excessive load or poor material quality. A shaft crack, small pittings or bigger surface cracks might be the main reason.

Our supervision services for roller and bearing replacement starts with inspection of the old roller to find out the possible causes of the damage and confirmation of replacement. Then we inspect the new roller’s shaft surface quality and diameter to compare. Once we dismantle the old roller we inspect the old bearing to decide if it needs to be replaced and inspect/prepare the new bearing. After scrubbing the new bearing and place all in the housing, we move the roller to it’s new calculated position.

Once the kiln starts rotating, we follow the new bearings’ reaction and perform the correcting fine adjustments. For both the bearing temperature and kiln’s axial migration periods.

Highly Damaged Roller

For any reason (shaft and/or surface cracks) any of your rollers may become unusable over time and you may need to replace the whole roller including the bearing or you may decide to keep the bearing but replace only the roller.

High Bearing Temperature

You may measure high bearing temperature values due to friction between the roller shaft and the bearing and may request to replace only the bearing before it completely damages the roller shaft.

Bearing Preparation

Despite all the matching dimensions; a new bearing should be scrubbed precisely for a proper shaft relation (at required standarts) by creating efficient oil flow and oil film to avoid any unexpected friction.

Positioning the Roller

The diameter of old and new rollers should be compared. The required position of the new roller should be calculated and the roller should be placed carefully to its required position to keep the tyre center at the same level.


Ozek Makina has provided more than 400 individual services at 100 plants across 25 countries since 1968 and gained a remarkable rotary kiln service experience.


We are on site with our team who can judge the problem from different perspectives,  lucubrate with higher effort to perfect the solution and work parallel to the planned revision schedule.

On Site On Time

Our main goal is to help you to keep the kiln rotating hassle free. We focus on arriving at the plant with our tools in days time. Our engineering and logistics team is ready for any international call.

World Wide Service

After servicing almost all Turkish plants, we have proudly serviced for more than 100 plants across 25 countries in a wide geography from America to Vietnam. We guarantee %100 customer satisfaction.



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