Carbon Graphite Block Lubricants & Sealing

The Right Solution for Tyre/Roller/Th. Roller Lubrication
Carbon Graphite Blocks in Requested Sizes

Special for Rotary Kilns

High Quality Material

Professional Lubrication

High Resistance

Carbon graphite blocks which are specially produced for rotary kiln tyre, roller, thrust roller and seals can continue efficient lubrication even under extreme loads thanks to its layered chemical structure and direct contact installation.

Our carbon graphite blocks are designed for rotary kilns based on kiln rotation speed, surface hardness of tyre and rollers and lubrication needs. They provide homogeneous and efficient lubrication thanks to their direct contact installation.

We may provide CNC machined graphite blocks for your Iteca or FLS type rotary kiln sealings. All parts are produced from any type of material, density, dimension requests and shipped in short time.

Our high quality and long life wear plates are produced from high quality graphite blocks in requested density and granule size. All plates are CNC machined per the sent drawings.

  • Special Product for Rotary Kilns

  • Homogeneous Particle Structure

  • Optimum Performance at High Load and Temperature

  • Designed for Maximum Particle Transfer

  • Careful Quality Control

  • Efficient Even Under Extereme Loads

  • Efficient Over Its Long Life

  • In Requested Design and Dimension

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